How much does the service cost?

Depends on your package. The base package cost USD 9.99 per month.

How can I pay?

Easy, use our paypal ( or use for Ecocash, Telecash and Zim switch payments

How fast should my internet be?

We recommended a 1.5Mbps connection for SD quality and 4.5Mbps for HD quality. Lesser speeds may cause the picture to freeze.

Which providers are the best for Uhuru

Any internet provider that can guarantee at least 1.5Mbps connection to the internet.

What is the SmartBox?

Glad you asked. Think of our HD SmartBox as an equivalent to a Decoder. However, it'smore than just a decoder, its a mini computer running a stable Linux Operating System.

How many channels do I get?

You get all 100 channels.

How much is the HD service?

FREE. it's not about more, it's about better!